Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sapu @ Mt Fuji, Japan

How can we not sapu ! buy buy buy til drop !

i would rather not buy this at all, but no sick :( $6

yes ! i even want to buy all the grovery back !

cable car/ropeway & boat ride sapu.

Disney box FOC from Kawaguchiko bus station ! a set of kitty stationery $5

File folder $3, lip balm $1, snacks $1 each

energy beauty drink $9.80, scallop $2

Kit Kat <$3, $1 each eel can food, 

$0.80 biscuit, $0.50-$0.80 chocolate and biscuit, 
$0.50 - $0.80 lollipop & sweets, 
$0.80 for a roll sweet (Parkway Parade selling at $1 each Pokemon character.)

 Coke sweet $0.80 each packet.

This hand bag so special can detach, FOC from Kawaguchiko Bus station !
FOC key chain from Kawaguchiko Bus station, 

$3 kitty key chain, power energy drink $0.50-$1 each
$2 for 5 scentstick,
$1 for 3 home made funny faces bun, 
Doughnut green tea, Green tea tart $1

$1 for kitty poker, Fruits Jelly is real nice, $0.50(Takashimaya Shopping mall selling $4-5) $0.60 for biscuit
these wine is power, use straw to drink it ! $1.50 each.

On the way to the ropeway/cable car, boat ride, we sapu that much, couldn't carry ? no worries, shopkeeper allow us to park there till we return :)

$1.30 each good old days toys.

 Heart shape jewellery box FOC from Kawaguchiko Bus station !

 These kimono made purse is beautiful,right ? $5-$10 each

Alloy love this samurai/ninja ? sword :) approx $10, kitty Mt Fuji exclusive $3 each pack with face towel, file folder, note pad.

come to sapu, all manners gone with the wind !

Powerful buy, happy faces ^^

MUST BUY !!! $23 in Japan but in Singapore is over $100.

Pokemon folder $1.30 each

Leather haversack only $10.

this mickey hat only $3.

 This must buy ok, my Alloy Racial harmony day can wear:) $20

 my collection :D

All items here $1.30 each, power ?

More Kimono purse !

Tokyo, also sapu !

 Green Tea ice cream, superb, in this freezing cold weather.



ok choice gotta think creatively...china bag it is !

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