Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Oh ! Mount Fuji

DAY 1 view from bus
 在期待着,会是怎样的初次见面,我 的 天...无与伦比的美丽!
in the coach from Shinjuku to Mt Fuji, breathtaking view. 

DAY 1 view from bus interchange, Kawaguchiko
Bus terminal view, superb Mt Fuji view. 

 DAY 2 view from Hotel Tagoogi balcony

  DAY 2 view from Hotel Tagoogi balcony

DAY 3 view from Hotel Tagoogi bathroom :p
和室 - 侧所一景哦!
toilet view !
 — at 山中湖 (Lake Yamanaka).
 DAY 3 view from Hotel Tagoogi balcony
和室 - 露台一景哦!
Balcony view !
 — at 山中湖 (Lake Yamanaka).

和室 - 露台一景哦!
Balcony view !
 — at 山中湖 (Lake Yamanaka).
 DAY 3 view from LAke Kawaguchiko Bus Terminal

DAY 3 view from LAke Kawaguchiko Boat Ride.

DAY 4 view from Hotel Tagoogi balcony.

 DAY 4 view from Hotel Tagoogi main road.

DAY 5 view from Hotel Tagoogi balcony.

DAY 5 view from Shiba zakura.

 DAY 6 view from Hotel Tagoogi balcony. its snowing !!!

DAY 7 view from Hotel Tagoogi balcony.

  DAY 7 view from Hotel Tagoogi main road.

  DAY 7 view from LAke Kawaguchiko Bus Terminal.

 cant see Mt Fuji ? Cannot see Mt Fuji ? tada ! see it !

DAY 7 view from Musical Forest :)
 DAY 8 view from Hotel Tagoogi.

   DAY 8 view from behind Hotel Tagoogi, Post office.

*Tagoogi Hotel is fantastic, extremely exceed our expectation, well done !
We book this through Follow me Japan :)

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