Saturday, May 4, 2013

Kawaguchiko Bus Station, Mount Fuji, Japan富士五湖,河口湖车站

新宿车站, 有趣的罐装饮料哦. 
Day 2,  find the vending machine very interesting. at Shinjuku bus terminal waiting the coach to Mt Fuji. approx 1.5 hour reach. fares Y2000. (sgd$20)

*there is a Tourist information counter with free WIFI, train station, bus terminal to Shinjuku/Hakone and many more.

ps, 從東京前往富士河口湖最便捷的方式是至 新宿西口 搭乘 中央高速巴士 富士五湖線 前往河口湖駅的班車 ,每天約有20班巴士, 十分方便 
(早班車 07:10AM, 每30分鐘一班, 行約1小時45分鐘即可抵達河口湖) 

人生中,能让我闭嘴的其一...self reflect moment...
reaching destination, screaming in the heart ! 
车站一景,富士山.Kawaguchiko Station, Mt Fuji view within ! 
下错站 ! Happy wrong alighting, for the first day, but we still have fun though ^^
Love the weather reporter, little creature behind me ? Day 2 is bearable 19.8'C
Many interesting characters buses there.
Day2, its freezing cold here temp at 18'c compare to Singapore weather of 34'c
Happy sapu (shopping) 
Cosy bus ride. can utilise Suica.
Day 7, cant resist to take photos even in the bus ride around Lake Saiko
Day 7 weather in the afternoon 8.3'C, waseh !

Going to Shibu Zakura day 6, excited !
车站一景,富士山.Day 8, beautiful scenery everywhere, even at bus terminal.

see the view ??? inside the bus :D
its extremely peaceful and joy journeys, even in bus ride !
The ladies is awesome to the max !

*Tagoogi Hotel is fantastic, extremely exceed our expectation, well done !
We book this through Follow me Japan :) Free and easy package.

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